Google released Chrome 90 browser iOS version with new features

Google Tip: How to access password in Chrome?

Google launched the Chrome 90 browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and added support for new search and dinosaur game widgets on devices running the iOS 14 system version.

Apple iOS 14 users can press and hold the home screen and then tap the “+” icon to find the Chrome widget they need. In addition, the Chrome 90 browser has also improved stability and performance and supports the modification of saved user names and passwords in the settings.

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The Chrome 90 provides three widgets, including quick operation, search and Chrome dinosaur game widgets.

  • Quick operation: Search or visit the website in the new regular tab or incognito tab. Voice input and QR code scanning are also supported.
  • Search: Use the user’s favorite search engine to search in Chrome.
  • Chrome Dinosaur Game: Enter Chrome Dinosaur Game directly from the main screen.

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