Google Chrome could soon get a refreshed look on desktop

Google Chrome refreshed look

Google is working to give a refreshed look to its Chrome application, which is adored widely for speedy browsing, useful extensions, and user-friendly design. Notably, these transformations are getting ready for the Chrome application used on a desktop.

According to the information of 9TO5Google, the development of refreshed look for Google Chrome is underway and it can be visible later in the year 2023. The modifications can be made in the real UI of the app like the background color and shapes.

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If we discuss the modification in detail, so once you relaunch Chrome on your desktop, you’ll get a glimpse of Chrome’s original UI. As it includes a more distinct separation between tabs and the omnibars, further, the background tabs have also adopted the tint blue color instead of white.

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Moving on, there could be rounded shapes for text boxes and buttons, instead of the rectangular designs in the bookmarks interface. Other than this there is nothing that we get to know so far, but these minor changes could give the app a new look.

Google Chrome refreshed look

However, we are excited to see the redesigning of the application, but currently, it’s not clear when Google will implement the changes on desktop Chrome. Though when it does arrive it will obviously be heading to Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, as well as Fuchsia and Lacros.



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