Google Chrome will allow users to take and edit screenshots

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In the recent development, Google Chrome gets the ability to capture screenshots for Android with the recent Chrome 94 update. However, at the moment, this feature is not available for the desktop version.

A quick screenshot is an easy way to get someone’s information, but sometimes editing is needed to best fit the situation. And now, Google is exploring both, the method of capturing and editing screenshots of web pages.


Available a few months ago, Google Chrome on Android was able to take and edit screenshots with its custom tool, bypassing system screenshot tools. Custom Editor for Android supports cropping, drawing, and adding text overlays.

Google Chrome

Spotted by TechDows,  Chrome Canary for desktop platforms is likely adding the same feature. The new flag added in Chrome 98 is now live on the Canary release channel, indicating that Google works with the “edit flow” of screenshots taken within the browser using its built-in sharing menu. . Sadly, at present, we cannot see what the editor looks like, as the functionality is not yet working.

Moreover, the screenshot popup also has an ‘Edit’ button but it just opens a blank page currently. It’s still unclear what marking options will be available in the Chrome screen editor, but the ability to override (or blur) the parts of the screenshot may help, at least.

Some Chromium-based browsers already use their own screenshot tools, such as Web Capture in Microsoft Edge that supports scrolling and editing. As Google adds a screenshot tool to Chrome, using the same tool for Chromium-based web browsers should be a bit of work.

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