Google Home starters actions

Google boosts Home app automation with 18 new starters and actions

Google continues to prioritize user feedback and strives to deliver app updates that enhance the overall experience. In the latest development, the tech giant is giving a boost to Google Home and its automation by adding 18 new starters and actions to the Routines section.

Accordingly, the company has recently announced on the official Nest community forum that the Google Home app will now support 18 more new starters and actions for the automation capability. So without any further ados, let’s check on these new additions:

Google Home – Starters

  1. Open/Close: When the window is opened, turn off the thermostat.
  2. Device is charging/plugged in: When your EV is charging, it can automatically start playing music or downloading updates.
  3. Temperature: When the temperature inside rises above 80 degrees, open the window and turn on the fan.
  4. Volume is muted: When you mute your music, it can automatically turn off the speakers or start a timer.
  5. Device is docked/undocked: Commonly found on mops, mowers, and vacuums. For example: When the vacuum docks, broadcast to the home vacuuming is finished.
  6. Device is paused: When you pause your TV show, it can automatically dim the lights or turn on the fireplace.
  7. Lock is jammed: If your door lock is jammed, broadcast to the home the lock is jammed and pulse a light.
  8. Humidity Percentage: When humidity drops below 40%, turn on the humidifier.
  9. Occupancy Sensing: When someone is detected in a certain zone or room, turn on the light.

Google Home starters actions

Google Home – Actions

Light Effects:

  • Pulse – Provide visual feedback. When the doorbell is pressed, pulse my bedroom light.
  • Wake/Sleep – When I dismiss my alarm, slowly wake the lights over a one-hour time period.
  • Color Loop – When I say ‘Party Time’, Color Loop lights for 30 mins.

Open or Close device: Windows, doors, or blinds are a breeze to open or close with these actions: At 7 a.m., open the blinds. At 10 p.m., close the blinds.

Dock device: Now you can set an action to dock a device like vacuums, mops, or mowers: At 5 p.m., dock the vacuum cleaner.

Set Humidity: You can set the humidity in your home depending on the temperature. These actions could help improve air quality: If the humidity in my house is too low, turn on the humidifier.

Pause/Unpause device: Simply pause or unpause devices such as your TV, music player, and video game. You can even control appliances like the vacuums, sprinklers, dishwasher, washer, and dryer: When the doorbell rings, pause my robot vacuum.


Start, pause, resume, or cancel timers. For instance:

  • Set a timer for 30 minutes to cook dinner.
  • Pause the time when I need to check on the food.
  • Resume the timer when I’m done checking on the food.
  • Cancel the timer if I need to leave the house.

Volume Mute: Mute or unmute devices such as your phone, TV, and music player when you need a moment of silence: Mute the TV at 9 p.m. when the kids are going to bed.

Reboot device: Quickly reboot devices like your routers, game consoles, laptops, and TVs. This action could help fix problems or improve performance: Schedule a Reboot device on my router every first of the month.

Run software update: Run software update (like on your Wi-Fi Router). Help your devices improve security and performance with this action to run software updates: Set a schedule for software updates.

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Google boosts Home app automation with 18 new starters and actions

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