Google Maps new update adds augmented reality Live View feature

Back in September, Google previewed a new feature for its Google Maps application, and now it’s going to be rolled out for users. Google Maps getting a new augmented reality Live View feature which will help users to find their location more easily.


As per the info, this new augmented reality Live View feature of Google Maps will allow smartphone users to visually search for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, dessert shops, parks, and other locations that are located nearby, this is going to make life more convenient.

Google also mentioned that this new feature is going to be more useful for electric vehicle owners because they will find the best charging station for their vehicles with a “fast charge” filter. Additionally, Google is also developing information about wheelchair-accessible and stair-free places around the world.

With the help of this new Live view feature, you will be able to find places nearby you just by opening the camera in the Google Maps app. It will also provide you with directions and arrows, which will give you an idea of how far a location is from you and how you can go there.

Additionally, Google Maps also shows you the key information about each place overlaid right on the screen, just as the time of opening and closing, what the price range is, and how it’s rated. The new feature includes places from restaurants to shops and banks to ATMs and bars.

Now here comes the question, when we are going to use this great feature? Starting next week the update will be released in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo, afterward, the company might expand it for more users.


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