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Google Meet is picking up new ‘limit data usage’ setting on Android and iOS

by Mohit

In addition to a major web update next month, Google Meet is raising the new “limit data usage” setting on Android and iOS. This allows users to further optimize the quality of video calls for their current device and network conditions.

Mills already equip equipment, networks, and setups to “provide the best possible meeting experience”. Google now lets mobile take mobile a step further:

  • Minimize cellular data usage
  • Maximize battery life
  • Free up your device’s CPU and memory for other tasks


This toggle is called “Limit data usage”, but it replaces two other key Meet behaviors. In the Dedicated Meet mobile app – not Gmail – open Settings from the Navigation Drawer. This is the only option other than “Send more diagnostic info”.

This indicates that you can use Google Meet with high quality by “Toggling the Data Meet Saver setting”. This is an important addition because people are using any equipment available to attend school or meetings.

The ability to limit Google Meet data usage for Android and iOS is running today and will be fully enabled in the coming weeks.

Available for Essential, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Frontline, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamental, Education Plus, Nonprofit, Cloud Identity Free, Cloud Identity Premium. G Suite is available to all Google Workspace customers as well as Basic and Business customers.


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