Google News new update brings Material You-design tweaks for tablets

Google News Material You-design

Material You was already a great offering of Android software, but after the Android 13 rollout it got more twinkled. Now, Google is making its News app more sparkled by adding new tweaks to the Material You-design but only for tablet users.

Google News app getting a new update that brings Material You-design tweaks for tablet users. This new version update introduces a bunch of visual changes that will make your Google News experience more enhanced and boosted.

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After installing the new update users of tablets will see a new Material You design on the Google News app while accessing information about current issues and events. As per the information, the new update has arrived with version 5.71.

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The new Material You tweaks includes a vertical navigation rail on the left-hand side with buttons for sections like Headlines, Newsstand, Following, and For You. It was earlier presented in the longitudinal navigation rail at the bottom.

Google News Material You-design

Additionally, the search bar has also transitioned from a dull rectangle to rounded corners. It further includes a card-style layout for the news content with rounded corners up top, separating the scrollable section for articles and app settings from fixed components of the UI, like the navigation rail and header.

For your information, these modifications will only be visible on Tablets, hence, smartphones users will see the app user interface just like before.

Other than this the 5.71 update will also optimize the application performance, so if you want to experience these functionalities on the Google News app. Then just update your app to the latest version, you can even download it through the APK link given.

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