Google Pay’s Bill Split feature will soon make group payments easier for Indian users

Google Pay

Google Pay, a famous online payment service has recently announced a new feature for its Indian users. The feature is Bill Split. As the name itself mentions, this feature will make group payments easier for users.

In late 2020, Google announced two features, such as – Groups and Bill Spilt for the international version of Google Pay. The Groups then expanded for Indians earlier this year while the Bill Split is now making its way.

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At its annual Google for India event, Google’s Ambarish Kenghe stated that Google Pay users in India will soon be able to split debts with friends. The feature will allow users to add friends or family members to group chat in Google Pay and add to the common costs they wish to isolate themselves from other members.

Going by the information provided by Google India Twitter, the new “Split Cost” button is at the bottom of the categories in Google Pay. Tapping on this will open a new window where users can add group costs and split them up among members.

Once this is done, users will see the Separation Bill along with the total number in the group discussion, a progress bar indicating the number of participants who have transferred their assignment, and the balance.

At this time, Google has not shared any specific timeline for releasing this feature. But we expect that it will be released to the users in the coming days. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as this feature rolls out.

Google Pay

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