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Google plans to shut down Podcasts app in favor of YouTube Music

Google is planning to discontinue the Podcasts app and services in favor of YouTube Music. The company will initiate things somewhere in 2024 and will drop down the support for several countries including the US, Latin America, and Canada.

To those who are unaware, Google Podcasts is similar to other music streaming apps. However, a few points that make it different from its rivals are – its simplicity and wide availability on Android devices.

It is worth mentioning that the tech giant will not take instant action on shutting down Google Podcasts:

“For now, nothing is changing and fans will continue to have access to YouTube, YouTube Music, and Google Podcasts. We’re committed to being transparent in communicating future changes with our users and podcasters and will have more to share about this process in the coming months.”

However, things will gradually change via the ‘Simple Migration Tool’ that will help in porting your existing subscriptions to YouTube Music. In addition, the tech giant will provide a non-YouTube Music export option via OPML file that will work with other podcast players.

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Google Podcasts YouTube Music

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Google plans to shut down Podcasts app in favor of YouTube Music

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