Google Play blocks updates and downloading of paid apps in Russia

Google Play Store web update

Google has blocked the route of sending updates and downloading access to paid apps for Google Play users in Russia. Consequently, consumers residing in Russia would not be able to enjoy the ultimate features and functions of paid applications through the online app store.


The official support page of Google declares the new policy for Russian users. However, this policy does not affect the free application access for the region.

“As part of our compliance efforts, Google Play is blocking the downloading of paid apps and updates to paid apps in Russia starting May 5, 2022”.

While a user asked whether to publish new apps or update existing apps during this pause. The company replied with the following statement: “You can still publish new free apps, and update existing free apps. Updates to paid apps are blocked for compliance reasons.”

Google Play blocks updates and downloading of paid apps in Russia

So far, this is not the first time when Russian users are facing such scenarios. Previously, the nation has encountered a halt on Android app and subscription services from Google. A big reason that lies behind these changes is the sanction issue. Google has ceased the billing of its Play services in Russia due to its assault on Ukraine. Thus, users became unable to access app purchases, subscription payments, and in-app purchases.


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