Google Play Games app gets new icon, check it out (Android)

Google Play Games Android new icon

Last year, Google introduced the Play Games for PC, along with a new icon, and now this redesigned icon is getting available for Android app. It means Android device users of the Google Play Games app will also see a new and improved icon.

Google always tries to give its application a more elegant look than before, and this time also, the firm has done the same work. This new icon of the Google Play Games app for Android has got a more subtle look with quite dark green color and feel.

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The new icon for Google Play Games app for Android is now rolling out with version 2023.01.40470. Talking about the changes, so the logo is placed in a white circle, with rounded rectangular corners. Also, the play remote logo has shifted to the left with pale white color.

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Other than these simple changes, there is nothing new in the update, users can upgrade their Google Play Games app to the latest version and can see these new changes. Google redesigned the Play family of logos with a triangle motif. But there are various changes that have been made so far, such as Google Play Music got replaced by YouTube Music, Play Newsstand becomes Google News, and Play Movies is now Google TV.

Google Play Games Android new icon

Google Play Games is a multi-platform gaming experience built and operated by Google featuring seamless gameplay across PCs, Chromebooks, and mobile devices. The developer can also announce the mobile app in the near future that is teased for the PC app.

  • The Google Play Games mobile app is primarily focused on the instant games experience where you can jump right into casual games. We’ll have more announcements for the mobile app in the near future. Going forward, “Google Play Games” will refer to the PC experience where you can enjoy your favorite Android games.