Google Play Store getting a new look with subtle changes

Google Play Store logo

Google is meant to bring changes whether its UI, software, features, design or so on. Now this time Google is revamping the look of its famous application called Google Play Store. Yes, you are not wrong after the big six-year gap now the company is going to make changes in the appearance of the Google Play Store.


As per the information via 9to5Google, the logo of the famous application Google Play Store has been updated, it remains stuck to the triangle shape but got slightly more curved edges from all sides, further a vibrant color coating has been given to the logo.

Notably, the changes are not thoroughly applicable for all as many users might miss the change for the time being because it appears in a miniature version of the logo on a Play Store transaction page. And currently, it is found in the Google Pay and Google Play apps, also the Google Wallet is expected to get it soon.

We all are well aware of the Google Play Store it is a well-known and most used application of the company recently, it has removed the “Movies & TV” tab and is also expected to end the “Play Book” service eventually to make the Play store entirely focused on Android apps.

Now again coming to the topic the new logo has four same colors as the previous one including Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red, but this time the blue color has extended its reach to more space and covered a wider area than before.

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