Google Play Store will soon lose its hamburger menu key, will be replaced by a new feature

Play Store is one of the most essential applications of any Android smartphone. Google keeps adding new features to this app store silently on the background and to provide a better user expereince. In the latest changes, Google is now planning to make a major change in the Play Store by removing an important feature.

Found in a recent UI test, Google is planning to remove the Hamburger icon from on top of the search bar, which allows users to access side menu.

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The top search bar now only includes a search icon, search field, voice search and user profile image. Following these new changes, the side menu panel can now be accessed by tapping on the user profile image and a pop-up window will appear with different options.


As spotted by AndroidPolice, this could be a test of what the features will perform in a an actual release. Hamburger navigation was quite popular in the most previous version of Android and with the introduce of swipe based gestures in Android 10, Google kept advancing in this new type navigation instead of using virtual key tapping.

Currently, this new change in Google Play Store is not available for public users but Google may roll it out publically soon.

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