Google Podcasts’ Now Playing UI on iOS gets redesigned

Despite a series of developments in the podcast industry in recent weeks, Google remains relatively quiet with its products. In other words, Google Podcasts has just redesigned the “Now Playing” screen on iOS and has widely introduced a feature to block suggestions.

The revised “Now Playing” screen appeared on Android for the first time in early 2021. Google has moved the timeline cleaner so that it appears directly below the episode/show title. Followed by the “Play/Pause” and “Back/Skip” buttons, which are now located on either side of the “Queue” and “Heart” buttons, and more information is in this bellows.

The playback speed, sleep timer, cast, and overflow menu (recommended, shared, mark as played) are listed in the bottom row. Overall, these are good adjustments that help modernize the “Instant Play” UI, which is now available on iOS. From the beginning of this month, the tool can be used through the server-side update to version 2.0.10.

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Partially redesigned to accommodate other controls. In other words, “Heart” will tell Google to “show more such plots in your recommendations.” In addition, for content that is not subscribed but can only be tried out, you can “show less” podcasts in the overflow menu, and block them in “recommendations”.

You can view the complete history of all the customizations you have made in the podcast on the “Google My Activity” page. This feature also allows you to customize the “Browse” tab and delete shows and episodes you don’t like. Previously, there was no way to adjust recommendations in Google Podcasts.

Now, the feature is fully rolled out on Android-make sure you have the latest Google app installed and has just entered iOS.


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