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Google removes Assistant microphone shortcut from Pixel devices 

Google has made a substantial change that can be liked or opposed by some users, as the microphone ability to open Assistant has now been redirected to Voice Search on Pixel devices. Following the previous announcement, Google has finally removed the Assistant microphone shortcut from Pixel devices.

Going toward the details, the multi-colored microphone icon which appears next to Lens in the Search bar at the bottom of the Pixel Launcher will no longer open Google Assistant. Instead, it now activates Voice Search. With this move, Google wants to provide a more consistent experience within the app.

It means you’ll no longer be able to use the microphone icon in the Search bar to complete actions like turning on the lights or sending a message. Tapping the voice mic directs you to use Hey Google or press & hold the power button.

However, if you don’t like the change and want to launch Google Assistant by just pressing on it, then you can place its icon on your home screen.


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Google removes Assistant microphone shortcut from Pixel devices 

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