Google Messages auto-organizing categories

Google restores auto-organizing categories in Messages app

Google has finally restored the auto-organizing categories in the Messages app for beta users. Though the ability rolled out last year, some consumers reported that they cannot find it while using the application. It looks like the company is bringing back the feature.

According to the information, the US manufacturer introduced the auto-organizing categories for Google Messages to group the SMS texts and RCS chats automatically. Since April 2023, a few users noted that the options disappeared from the app.

As a result of which, the app was not showing the All, Personal, and Business options that reside beneath the search bar. Though the Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours remain present. Notably, the issue appeared only for users relying upon the beta version.

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On the flip side, other users didn’t get an impact of this problem. To resolve it completely, the company released the 20230711_01_RC00 beta build for the Messages app that brings back the respective feature along with “View messages by category” and “Primary Category” settings.

Google Messages auto-organizing categories


Google restores auto-organizing categories in Messages app

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