Google Search Perspectives filter

Google Search getting new ‘Perspectives’ filter to enhance user experience

Google is now renovating the Search application with an all-new ‘Perspectives’ filter to enhance user experience. The company has already mentioned this change in the recently held Google I/O 2023 event. Though it’s time to bring those uttered words into action.

Flashing some light on this new addition, the US tech giant shared a short blog on its official page. Eventually, the Perspectives filter for Google Search is a dedicated category that enables you to discover information from people on social forums and other media websites.

On the flip side, the tab shows up images, maps, and other topic-based filters for relevant queries. In simple words, the latest tweak lets users connect to the people, their perspectives, and experiences on different matters with useful outcomes.

Just a tap on the respective filter will take you to long-short videos, images, and written posts that other consumers would have shared on discussion platforms, Q&A boards, and various other social media sites. Meanwhile, you will also get knowledge about the creators of the content. For instance, their name, profile, photo, or other related information.

This change will also modify the user interface for the mobile app. After this rollout, you will find cards shown side-by-side in a scrolling feed. Here you will also find a ‘See more’ link to access more ideas bonded to your questions and searches.

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These Perspectives are also shown in Top Stories to help people better understand a news story by surfacing a variety of other sources. Currently, the update is rolling out at the initial stage and may take some time to reach a wide range of users. Though you can check the availability of this change by installing the latest version of Google Search from the Play Store app.

Google Search Perspectives filter

Google Search getting new ‘Perspectives’ filter to enhance user experience

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