Google to add more new convenient search widgets to Google Maps

Google Maps

Google recently introduced new features designed to deal with the impact of climate change. In terms of management, Google announced that it will expand its knowledge of Tree Canopy to more than 100 cities around the world next year, which will help them prioritize which areas need the most shade.

For users, Google is introducing a wildfire layer on Google Maps to provide users with the latest information on nearby fires in an emergency. This week, the Fire Maps layer on Google Maps will be released on Android, and its map application version is 11.0.1.


The update not only brings a layer of wildfire to the area where this information is provided but also includes a new search widget that helps you locate locations faster.

The updated version 11.0.1 of the Google Maps application includes code for a fully functional search widget, even if the widget is not yet available to users. However, we know what the widget looks like because the preview is included in the application resources.

It looks very similar to the Google Maps search widget for iOS that was added earlier this month. The search widget appeared a bit late on Android, but it follows the stable release of Android 12 next week.

For Pixel devices running Android 12, the map search widget will support bright colors. However, for devices running Android 11, the widget may use blue accents like other Google widgets.

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