Google to shut down the classic version of Google Sites

Back in 2016, Google launched a redesigned Google Sites for G Suite (now Google Workspace) customers. The classic version of Google Sites is used alongside the new one, and Google has worked to create new features.

Now it has become known that Google has chosen a closing date for the classic version of Google Sites. The search giant has announced that any content posted on Classic Sites will no longer be displayed as of January 1, 2022. This means that Workspace customers need to complete the migration before the end of this year.

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Google will archive and store any remaining classic Sites in your Google Drive, and replace them with a draft on the new Sites. The owners can then publish the drafts.

In addition, starting May 15, Google will disable the ability to create new websites on Classic Sites. The search giant strongly recommends customers stop building sites on an outdated platform. From December 1st, you will no longer be able to edit the remaining Classic Sites.

Administrators have the option to export classic sites to the new version, bulk deletes and restore sites, change the owner of multiple sites at the same time, and convert or archive a website.


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