Google Translate new update to add context, modernize iOS app, and improve camera translation

The tech maker is planning to improve the camera translation of the Google Translate app with the upcoming update. This is going to be a trio update that will add context, modernize the iOS application, and improve camera translations for a better experience.

In this world, diverse users use multiple languages which could be understandable via the translator. So, to make your lifestyle easy and effective, Google Translate is adding “descriptions and varying examples in the intended, translated language.

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Apart from the original language definitions, now you’ll also see translated example sentences. Further, it will also help you use the right turns of phrases, local idioms, or appropriate words depending on your intent. Translation through the app will use a dynamic font that automatically adjusts as text is typed.

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Moving on, Google Translate in iOS will also be going to get the same Material You redesign in a “few weeks. This new look will revamp the UI and helps to quickly switch languages and navigate through the app. Like, if your translation history is hidden that can be accessed by swiping down on the main text field.

Notably, Google Translate supports 33 new languages offline as of now. But this new update will bring support for English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish in the coming weeks. However, more languages will be supported in the next few months.

Google Translate update improve camera translation

Google Translate update improve camera translation

Furthermore, Google Lens also replaced Translate’s native camera with AR Translate, which uses Pixel’s Magic Eraser technology to delete text in the original language and overlay the translated version while matching the original style.

Google Translate context

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