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Huawei registered ‘Xiaoyi input method’ trademark for Celia keyboard

by Ashish

On March 19, 2021, Huawei applied for a new trademark for its Celia keyboard with registration number 54482687 in China. The trademark was registered as ‘Xiaoyi input method’ which is a Chinese name for Celia keyboard.

In the making of its own ecosystem, Huawei also introduced a self-developed keyboard named Celia keyboard which comes with a bunch of special features to make your typing enjoyable.

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It has two parts – the app and the keyboard. Both of them carry a number of customizable options for smooth and effortless typing. The top features of the keyboard include new themes, more than 1000 emojis, cool fonts, and more.

Although it has a number of functionalities to praise, the users have also sound some vulnerabilities in the keyboard such as the 9 keys cannot work be used to type phrases.

Here are some top features of the Celia keyboard:

  • More than 1000 emoji expressions
  • 170 different languages
  • Customize themes
  • Mechanical keyboard mode
  • Gesture typing
  • Voice input functionality
  • Auto-correction
  • Next word suggestion


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