Huawei replaced Android UA with HarmonyOS in Huawei Browser

Huawei is completely adapting its self-made HarmonyOS 2 on its devices. According to the latest information, the company has added HarmonyOS US (User-Agent) to the Huawei Browser settings in Huawei phones.

Besides this, the company is also making changes to its existing apps to make them completely HarmonyOS compatible. Huawei Browser UA or user agent of the webpages will automatically adapt to what you choose, it has options including HarmonyOS, iPhone, iPad, and computer.

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Previously, it was Android UA at the time of EMUI software which is now replaced by HarmonyOS. Meanwhile, the other EMUI powered smartphones based on Android have this option on the top that will be replaced very soon.

Huawei and its growing HarmonyOS reach

Huawei is expanding the reach of the HarmonyOS 2.0 to more of its devices and speeding up the process as much as it can. The company is releasing the HarmonyOS to most of its devices ahead of the expected schedule.

Further, the Chinese OEM has also updated its goal of upgrading 300 million devices to 360 million. This includes both Huawei and Honor devices. Well, it remains to be seen how the users react to HarmonyOS 2.0 after leaving Android OS.

Though the beta activity for HarmonyOS 2.0 is currently limited to China, we expect the announcement very soon for global users. HarmonyOS 2.0 brings a whole new user interface with added new functionalities such as new HarmonyOS fonts, secure folders, and much more.


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