Instagram Samsung foldable look

Instagram picks a big-screen look but only for Samsung foldable phones

Instagram is finally getting a significant upgrade that brings the big-screen look on board, but it looks like this tweak is confined to Samsung foldable phones. In case you carry a Z Fold model in your pocket then you can enjoy that tablet layout of the most popular social media platform.

Instagram is a lively application and a famous term among youth. While the app offers several features and facilities, it remained untouched by the tablet interface. Finally, Instagram is getting a big-screen look which is only applicable to Samsung Z Fold foldable models for the moment.

Speaking of the latest addition, the new layout highlights stories at the top of the UI and easily extends the feed to the display sides. Meanwhile, reels show up on a fixed aspect ratio with black margins in the left-out space.

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Another interesting change is the side-mounted navigation rail on the app that exhibits tabs for home, search, new posts, reels, and your profile. The new sidebar UI further adds notifications and DMs to the list. Eventually, the rollout seems to be approaching on an account-by-account basis and looks quite impressive on Galaxy Z Fold 5. Hopefully, the company will bring this change to more models in the time ahead.

Instagram Samsung foldable look


Instagram picks a big-screen look but only for Samsung foldable phones

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