Instagram excessive zoom bug

Instagram users dealing with ‘excessive zoom’ bug, here’s how to fix

Instagram users are stuck with an annoying ‘excessive zoom’ bug while recording stories. Numerous individuals on the Reddit forum reported that the application has randomly started causing zoom issues which makes it uneasy to record a video. But don’t worry as we have got the fix.

To begin with, a user said that the latest version of Instagram abruptly broke the zoom feature on iPhone, while recording stories. Whenever he tried to hold the recording button and slide it up, it immediately goes up to 2x zoom.

Meanwhile, it restricts zooming out instantly. There are no such inputs from Android users on this matter. Perhaps, the issue is appearing for iOS devices, particularly those running on the iOS 17 and 17 beta builds.

Insta zooming bugged
by u/Hiullo in Instagram

But don’t worry, as 9to5Mac has shared how you can get rid of the nasty Instagram excessive zoom bug. Eventually, one can zoom the app’s camera screen using the pinch gesture instead of swipes. Users can further opt for ‘Hands-Free Mode’ to eliminate the holding record button, and make things easier.

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Apple doesn’t allow users to downgrade an app installed through the App Store. Therefore, you need to wait for the time Meta pushes a new version.

Instagram excessive zoom bug


Instagram users dealing with ‘excessive zoom’ bug, here’s how to fix

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