Instagram web app for Windows 10 has been upgraded to Edge PWA application

by Ashish

Windows 10 app store is still ignored by top companies. When a tech giant decides to release a new update for their application, this often becomes news. Like Uber, Facebook has also converted its Windows 10 native Instagram application into a progressive web application (PWA), which is basically the web packaging of

Recently, the Windows 10 version of Instagram has been updated and converted into a Chromium Edge-based PWA application. The old Instagram application is also a web application based on the classic version of Microsoft Edge. This new version takes advantage of the features of Chromium Edge and WebView 2.

Of course, PWA based on Chromium Edge provides a better experience, and it also comes with additional features. One of the new features is the new ellipsis menu, which gives you access to extensions and other options in Microsoft Edge.

It is worth noting that the Windows 10 version of the Instagram application has not lost any functions after the update, and functions such as private messages are still available.

Although you can send private messages, you still cannot post photos on your page. We don’t know when Facebook will enable support for this basic feature in the web application. Currently, if you want to post photos on Instagram, you need to use the mobile app.

Upcoming Windows 10 PWA improvements

With every Windows 10 feature update, Microsoft is trying to make progressive web applications (PWA) more like native Windows applications.

In the next version of the Edge browser, Microsoft is planning to improve the appearance of Web applications through the “window control overlay” feature, which is designed to add support for the search bar and other features to PWA.

The window control overlay function will allow developers to add controls in the title bar of the Web application. This will allow developers to add logos, search bars, or profile switchers, similar to the title bar in Microsoft Teams or Spotify.

Microsoft is still working on this feature, which will benefit all web applications, such as Twitter and Instagram. If you are a developer, you can test the support for window control overlay in Chrome Canary by browsing chrome://flags.

Microsoft is contributing these improvements directly to the Chromium project. Once implemented in version 94, Google Chrome will also benefit from it.


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