Latest Google Pay update comes with quick shortcut menu with new UI

Google recently released a new version of the Google Pay application, which is completely different from the previous version, and it has not been as successful as Google expected. Now, the company is adding a new shortcut menu to the Google Pay application.


It seems like rolling to each account, we can always see the menu in one account, but not in other accounts. This new shortcut menu appears in the main tab and offers four shortcuts in the regular sections of the Google Pay application.

The first shortcut opens your payment settings without touching it, so you can change cards more quickly. This feature is also available via the UI button on the same page, but this new shortcut is easier to understand and access.

The following shortcut goes to the Send/Request Money page, which is another option available under the UI. The “View offers” group is on the left tab, and the “Track expenditure” group is on the right tab.

These shortcuts are useless, let us assume they exist to make the functions easier to find and understand. We’re not sure whether this shortcut menu appears regularly or is a “startup” program that helps users read applications.