Latest OnePlus Zen Mode update brings new theme sounds

OnePlus has already introduced the Zen Mode feature in its devices alongside the launch of the OnePlus 7 series smartphones. Moving on this, OnePlus has reintroduced this feature with its latest custom skin – OxygenOS 11 which is based on Android 11.

Meanwhile now OnePlus has updated this application which carries the update version This time the company has cooperated with ‘Tide’. It is a physical and mental health application that integrates sleep, meditation, relaxation, and concentration.

What’s New:

The latest update brings a new feature to the Zen Mode function. In cooperation with ‘Tide’, the company gets five wonderful theme sounds for the OnePlus smartphone owners.

Following are the five new themes:

  • Jellyfish
  • Light Years
  • Meditation
  • Sunrise
  • Early Morning in the country


How Zen Mode works:

The Zen Mode helps you to focus on important tasks by making you put down the phone. Once started, it can’t be canceled, and incoming notifications will be temporarily muted, you can only receive calls and can use emergency calls. It blocks all the applications of your smartphone except the camera.

The Zen Mode 2.0 brings some more features which include more duration options, daily reminders, zen challenge, and more. The company has also added three new themes for the apps; Ocean, Nature, and the Universe.

You can download or update the latest version of the OnePlus Zen Mode from the OnePlus Store.

NOTE: This version supports OnePlus 5 and above models.

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