Nearby tab is available on Petal Search app allows users to find nearby places

by Mohit

Huawei has now rolled out a new software update for its all-in-one search application, Petal Search, which brings it a number of new features and software optimization for maximum and improved user experience.

In recent months, Huawei has fed the Petal Search app a number of new features, including a recent overhaul of the user interface as well as a new set of features.


Talking of the new latest additions, the app update version brings the following changes:

  1. Richer search results
  2. Newsfeed feature optimization
  3. Bugfix

However, this is not it, because Huawei has also added a new feature on the Petal Search app, which is called Nearby, which wasn’t there before this update rollout.

According to the information, the Nearby tab is available on the bottom bar of the Petal Search app that allows users to find nearby places including restaurants, shops, and more. Users can also conduct manual searches for places and locations for more information about their interests.

There’s more information, yet to know on this feature and we’ll get you more insights AS soon as possible.

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