NetEase Cloud Music will support Huawei HarmonyOS

NetEase Cloud Music

China’s largest commercial music streaming service NetEase Cloud Music and tech giant Huawei have announced their corporation together at HDC 2021. Now, this music app will allow more users to access its services.

It should be mentioned that the app supports iOS devices initially, meanwhile Android support is quite difficult for the users. However, this app has the biggest playlist in China containing almost every album of the singer. Thus, it is a popular platform that attracts most Chinese music listeners.


As for Huawei, it has a huge user base in its core market as well as in the global market. Thus, it is a win-win corporation for Huawei and NetEase Music to satisfy their respective users.

According to the information, NetEase Cloud Music has become the first music app to support the Huawei HarmonyOS cross-platform service. This will allow other devices in the HarmonyOS ecosystem to realize a seamless connection to the NetEase Cloud Music product functions.

In addition, the function will be officially launched in November, so that users can wait for the time being. Users will be able to stream NetEase Music playlists on Huawei devices running the HarmonyOS operating system. A simple tap is enough to achieve multi-view collaboration of software and hardware resources.

NetEase Cloud Music

About NetEase Cloud Music:

Owned by the China-based NetEase Inc., the NetEase Cloud Music is a music streaming platform with more than 800 million active users. It’s first debuted in April 2013 and offers playlist downloading for free. At present, it has upgraded to the 8.6.00 version to install various features compared to the other applications of this genre.

Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Together)

The HDC 2021 was conducted between 22nd to 24th October. At the event, the company discussed many topics including HarmonyOS, smart homes, smart offices, HMS Core, and more.

Furthermore, HMS Core 6.0, new HarmonyOS Connect products, sports health science laboratory, and more were launched at the conference. Besides, we have got to know about the various upcoming products, present achievements in the respective fields, and current market status of the company.


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