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New Huawei Petal Maps update added custom vehicle icons, improvements and more

by Mohit

Last year, Huawei launched the Petal Map app, an alternative to Google Maps. This software is available for download from AppGallery, but its availability may vary depending on the region.

The Petal Map is not just a navigation service, it has many features such as real-time traffic conditions, events, and more. This will allow users to find your current location and add it to their destinations, such as selected find new places to display the map.

Huawei continues to ship new features and improvements to Petals Map from time to time to make it more user-friendly. And, according to the latest information, the Petals Map app is a new update with some new features and improvements. It can be identified with version

After updating to the latest version, you can get instant reports of the current weather conditions in your local area. You can also multitask and switch to different apps while listening to the navigation prompt simultaneously. Further, there are custom vehicle icons added which now lets you choose your favorite one.

In addition, the users can now sync data via Huawei Mobile Cloud or Dropbox. Besides these useful changes, there is no other new functionality added via the latest update. Check out the detailed changelog linked below.

What’s New

[Weather icon]

  • Get an instant overview of local weather conditions.

[Cloud Syncing]

  • Sync your data via HUAWEI Mobile Cloud or Dropbox

[Display over other apps]

  • Keep getting navigating prompt even if you switch apps

[Custom vehicle icons]

  • Choose the icon that suits you

In the previous update, Huawei improved Petal Maps with several new optimizations and added features. The navigation section got a new functionality that provides continuous navigation even while using other apps.

Additionally, the update also included a new rate and review option that lets users comment about the places they visit and rate them accordingly. Lastly, it also fixed some known bugs and improved the overall user experience.

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