New ‘Memories’ carousel features rolling out for Google Photos

Google Photos ‘Memories’ carousel

Google Photos for the web is receiving one of the most useful features from the Google Photos mobile app, namely “Memories.” The company officially announced that Google Photos Memories, a series of automatic photo albums, will soon be available on desktop.

Compared to the mobile app, Memories (via 9to5Google) will resemble the top of Google’s photo gallery on the web. Memories look more impressive on wider desktop screens. You can click on empty black space on either side to go back/forward manually using Photo Gallery while clicking anywhere on the image pauses the slideshow.


One can also customize what type of memories—last year, recent highlights, themed memories—they want to see within Settings. And as in a mobile phone, they can even hide people and pets and the occasional photo from memory.

Google says that any previously hidden content on some devices will not be visible on the desktop. Lastly, if you don’t want to see Memories at all, you can completely disable them again.

Google says the Google Photos storage carousel will be available on the web “from this week”. To try it out, go to on your desktop.

The Google Photos Android app just discovered the new Memory widget, which allows users to view a slideshow of automatically generated photo albums from their home screen. In addition, Google is also planning to add new types of memories, including “Best Memories of the Month,” “Trip Highlights,” “Celebration,” and more.

Google Photos ‘Memories’ carousel


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