New OnePlus Care app update brings new fixes

OnePlus Care app March 2023 update fixes

OnePlus Care provides users with an easy way to manage their favorite OnePlus devices. It monitors the health of your device with the Smart Diagnosis feature and keeps bill and warranty details secure on the service cloud. And this is why OnePlus keeps its thoughtful Care app feature-oriented with a new update.

With this app, you can track your repair journey and view a complete history of your services and transactions. This app comes with several useful features for a better experience.

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Recently, the company released new updates for its devices. Now, it’s time to learn some fresh enhancements about the OnePlus Care App.

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Latest Version

  • OnePlus Care App Update – v4.8.3

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New OnePlus Care app update brings new fixes

[Update: 17 January 2023]

The latest OnePlus Care App with build version v4.8.3 is rolling out some under-the-hood tweaks and enhancements for a smoother app experience. On the flip side, the company has also fixed some bugs and minor issues in the system.

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