New OnePlus Clone Phone app update optimizes device connection

OnePlus Clone Phone update optimizes connection

OnePlus is releasing a new update for the Clone Phone app that optimizes the device connection. Alongside this, the latest build aims to improve the overall functioning of the application and make it more stable and a bug-free service to operate.

According to the information, the new app update is rolling out with OxygenOS version v13.6.0. On the flip side, you will get a mini software package with a 16.2MB size. Eventually, users can install the update using their regular mobile data network.

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Further, this is a stable update approaching the global market for the moment. Hence, the respective region users can download the latest app build without any hindrance. Although make sure that your device runs on Android 6 or above operating system.

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Talking about the OnePlus Clone Phone update changelog, the build optimizes the issues with the device connection. As a result, the transfer of data and information will become more effective and translucent to users. Besides, it increases the level of privacy so that you can freely shift your essentials from one device to another.

Next, the update brings general bug fixes and improvements related to the internal framework of the app. Consequently, this will make the app functions more smooth and more convenient to use.

OnePlus Clone Phone update optimizes connection

You can check more details about the new update, below.

Latest Version:

  • OnePlus Clone Phone App – v13.6.0

Download Links:

Latest Information

What’s new?

  • Optimizes issues with device connection
  • General bug fixes and improvements

The Clone Phone App is one of the useful applications on OnePlus devices. It is a beneficial service that enables you to swap your data from your old handset to a new one, safely. And to keep the app away from malware and harmful bugs, we will recommend installing the latest version from the above-given links.

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