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New Samsung SmartThings update makes it easier to discover connected home experiences

by Mohit

Recently, Samsung introduced the re-imagined version of the SmartThings app. For those who don’t know it, SmartThings has become a staple in technologies that allow it to be brought to life and for the future of the Internet of Things.

In addition, the company has launched a new user interface for SmartThings as part of its ongoing effort to simplify home-related work. The new User Interface provides a simpler, more reliable, and convenient user experience, as well as faster loading times.

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Samsung claims that the new SmartThings interface allows users to easily discover a connected home experience compared to the previous generation. The latest update breaks down the SmartThings app into five different sections: Favorites, Life Units, Automation, and Menu.

  • Favorites is the new home screen within SmartThings and gathers the devices, scenes, and services used most for quicker access
  • Devices lets users view and control all devices, connecting TVs, light bulbs, appliances, and more.
  • Life is a place to explore the growing world of connected living where users can discover new SmartThings services that transform physical products into meaningful user experiences. Users can learn about enhanced functions that improve their overall living experience, such as SmartThings Cooking, a one-stop-shop that creates seamless kitchen and meal-prepping experiences.
  • Automations connects devices and allows them to work together and respond to specific conditions in the home, such as a door opening and a light turning on.
  • Menu will house additional SmartThings features including SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.

At the same time, Samsung confirmed that the new interface is available for Android devices starting today, while iOS users have to wait a while. However, the new update follows SmartThings’ recent announcement of its Windows application that extends a similar experience from a Galaxy Book and Windows PCs.

Samsung’s Corporate Vice President, Jaeyeon Jung said“We’ve listened to our customers and have invested in our technology to enhance the user experience to make it simpler. As smart homes continue to surge in popularity, SmartThings is the ideal platform that allows everyone to enjoy a smarter life with connected devices.”

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