New Microsoft OneDrive (Android) update gets Samsung Motion Photos and 8K video playback support

According to the latest information, Microsoft has recently announced that it will update the OneDrive Android application. With the new app update, OneDrive for Android will get a totally refreshed interface that will be divided into three parts including the latest files, offline files, and today’s photos.

For the OneDrive users who use the app as work of school accounts, the main interface will be reorganized and present the latest files, shared libraries, and offline files. The new main interface update has been used in the latest version of iOS.

Previously, the OneDrive app has started supporting iPhone Live Photos, and now, the company is bringing support for Samsung Motion Photos of the Android app too.

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With the latest update, OneDrive for Android supports the storage and playback of Samsung Motion Photos without permitting editing. It means, if the user performs any changes to Motion Photos then it will still be saved as a normal photo.

As mentioned in the title, the new OneDrive update also allows users to play 8K videos within the application. A major thing is to be noted that it currently only supports 8K videos recorded by Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21 series smartphones.

The new main interface will be used on the Android version of OneDrive 6.21 and higher, and Motion Photos will be supported in version 6.23 and above. Microsoft has not revealed what version is required for 8K video playback.

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