OnePlus System Launcher app 13.1.01

OnePlus updates its System Launcher app, latest version 13.1.01

OnePlus is sending a new app update for System Launcher that holds the 13.1.01 version. The build mainly focuses on improving the stability aspects of the application and making its functioning more efficient. In addition, some interesting tweaks are also lying in the changelog.

System Launcher plays an important role in your smartphone. It is a part of the operating system that controls the home screen and enables you to manage the design, apps, layout, and a few more tweaks. On the flip side, it is responsible for displaying the installed applications.

And to make this capability more stable and productive, the tech giant is releasing an OxygenOS version 13.1.01 update for the OnePlus System Launcher app. The best part of this update is, this build is extracted from the Nord CE 3 Lite CPH2467_13.1.0.510 (EX01) version.

Surprisingly, the respective Nord CE 3 Lite version reflects the presence of OxygenOS 13.1 which unlocks a bunch of amazing and prominent features. Perhaps, we can anticipate a few new tweaks and functionalities for the mentioned application as well.

Other than this point, the changelog doesn’t read anything else. Yet, we will suggest you download this update either from the below-given link or from the Play Store prompt to surface unique functions and more stability while performing relevant tasks with the app.

Latest Version

  • OnePlus System Launcher App – OxygenOS v13.1.01

Download Links

Latest Information

  • Extracted from OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite CPH2467_13.1.0.521 (EX01)

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Specifically, OnePlus Launcher is the official launcher application that lets you customize your smartphone’s look intuitively by easily creating folders, inserting widgets, or changing the icon bundles. And to maintain this productivity, we will recommend you install the new version.

OnePlus System Launcher app 13.1.01

OnePlus updates its System Launcher app, latest version 13.1.01

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