Samsung Camera Assistant App new update adds dynamic icon

Samsung has released a new app called Camera Assistant for Galaxy smartphones, and now the application is getting its first update with version This new update adds a new dynamic icon for users which will help you to match the theme of your smartphone.


Samsung already winning the hearts of consumers in the camera segment and with every new launch, it brings something new. Now the Camera Assistant app will also provide users with a more advanced experience with all its new offerings.

According to the information, this new update optimizes two functionalities, first modification is been caught in the description. Now you will see an easy illustration of the particular feature, secondly the color palette has been added to the application.

Now users will not find the Camera Assistant app mismatching the theme of their smartphone, because it will also apply the material you theming just like the other Samsung apps. This will make your phone look more decent, pleasant, and attractive.

Aside from these the update will also give the application an improved performance, and do note that this is an incremental update,  that may take some time to reach all consumers, so have patience and wait for the update to arrive on your device.

Samsung Camera assistant dynamic icon

In order to check this update on your Galaxy smartphone, head over to the Galaxy Store app. Now click the More option and enter the Updates section. If visible, tap Samsung Camera Assistant and then the Update button to bring it to your respective device.

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