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Samsung Expert RAW App could get a new AstroPortrait mode 

Samsung is known to provide its users with the ultimate experience and for this, the company keeps on optimizing the functionalities of its applications. Meanwhile, recent information suggests that the already amazing Samsung Expert RAW app could soon become more adequate with the new AstroPortrait mode.

Yes, the South Korean tech giant is planning to add a new AstroPortrait mode to the Expert RAW app on Galaxy devices. The stings of the all-new version of the Expert RAW app show the development of a new feature called AstroPortrait mode. However, the strings didn’t reveal numerous details about the tool.

Samsung Expert Raw AstroPortrait mode 

But, the AstromPortrait mode might let users take astonishing shots of the night sky with a person in the foreground. Strings hint at the process of using this mode and also clarify how it works. Like, a user will need to put a person in the frame and then the one has to leave the place once the camera flashes to capture the stars.


Overall, this new mood will make Expert RAW a more accurate application, which allows users to capture shots with the ultimate camera of their high-end Galaxy devices and optimize the overall experience. Simultaneously, the new mode is expected to be available with the future update of the app.

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Samsung Expert RAW App could get a new AstroPortrait mode 

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