Samsung devices gaming experience

Samsung Game Booster App’s June 2024 update introduces new elements 

Key Points

  • Samsung Game Booster App collecting new update in June 2024.
  • The update brings bullet notifications, countdowns, and more.
  • Users are recommended to download the Game Booster update.

Samsung has dispatched a new update for the Game Booster app in June 2024. This new release introduces a range of new elements aimed at enhancing the gaming experience.

Among the key additions are bullet notifications, the countdown to return, and pre-download game updates. These are designed to provide users with more control and convenience while gaming.

The bullet notification feature offers users quick notifications during gameplay, allowing them to stay informed without disrupting their gaming session.

With the countdown to return feature, gamers can now set a timer to remind them when to return to the game after a break or to break after the game.


While, the pre-download game updates feature enables users to download game updates in advance, ensuring that they are ready to play the latest version without delay.

In addition to these new elements, the update might also enhance the overall functioning of the applications and resolve some common bugs and issues, that have been found in the previous version. You can check the changelog of the update below.


  • Bullet Notification
  • Countdown to return
  • Pre-download game updates

Furthermore, the latest update of Samsung Game Booster has arrived with version and carries an 8.75MB package. However, consumers can download it through the Galaxy Store or via this link.

Samsung devices gaming experience

Samsung Game Booster App’s June 2024 update introduces new elements 

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