Samsung Game Launcher app update adds Android 12 (One UI 4.0) support and UI changes

Samsung Game Launcher app is now getting a new update, bringing support for Android 12 (One UI 4.0). According to Samsung, the app brings changes to the UI and updated the version to



With the latest Game Launcher app, you can now add non-game apps to the “My games” list and can also hide the “My games” apps from the home screen.

Check the complete changelog below.

[Notice] Game Launcher update ver

Hello, gamers! We bring you news of a Game Launcher update.

– Game Launcher can now be used with child accounts (limited to utility features related to game execution)

– Non-game apps can now be added to “My games”.

Apps added to “My games” can be hidden from the home screen, as the ‘Show game apps’ settings are applied just as they are for games.

– You can now swipe left and right on the “My games” icon screen.

Run all the apps you have installed or have added directly without needing to enter the details screen.

– The Android S OS update support has been added, and the Android O OS update support has ended.

Various other issues have been fixed, and performance has been improved.

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