Samsung Good Lock modules getting One UI 5.0 based November 2022 update – KeysCafe, QuickStar, and more

Good Lock is one of the Samsung app that allow you to redesign the look and feel of your Galaxy device. You can use it to customize all sorts of things such as your home screen, lock screen, recent apps layout, clock face, Quick Settings panel, and much more.


Good Lock app offers several modules like NotiStar, Wonderland, Home Up, Lock Star and more. To improve the performance and to optimize the experience of these modules Samsung releasing a new November 2022 update for these Good Lock Modules.

Samsung rolling out the new November 2022 update for a bunch of Good Lock Modules including NavStar, Keys Cafe, ClockFace, LockStar, and Theme Park. Notably, the new version is only compatible with the device running One UI 5.0. This new update brings something for your Good Lock Module, lets discuss them below.

NavStar – November 2022 update 

NavStar is one of the modules of the Good Lock app which lets you to create your own navigation bar, recently Samsung released the November 2022 update for NavStar, which fixes some issues related to crashing and more. you can check its full changelog below.

Latest version 

  • NavStar –
  • Updated Packag – 13.23 MB

Changelog – 

  • Fixed issues where 1px left in the navigation bar at the bottom when transparent hints were applied.
  • Fixed a problem that crashed with the System UI when used with the Multistar cover launcher.
  • Fixed an issues where the gesture mode navigation bar could remain hidden when using DeX.

Keys Cafe – November 2022 update

Keys Cafe getting a new November 2022 update which can be determined via the build, additionally, the latest update will add a new Emoji powered with One UI 5.0. Further, there will be two new options like the Mathmetical Keyboard and Chemistry Keyboard.

Latest version 

  • Keys Cafe –
  • Updated Packag – 67.88 MB


  • New Features
      • Add Mathematics and Chemistry Keyboard
      • Add emoji for One UI 5.0

QuickStar – November 2022 update

Samsung released November 2022 update for QuickStar app, which can be identified through version This new update will resolve an issue by which the setting value was deactivated automatically. Moreover users willl found an enhanced performance after updating it.

Latest version 

  • QuickStar –
  • Updated Packag – 14.52 MB

Theme Park – November 2022 update

Samsung Theme Park getting a new November 2022 update with version By looking at the chanagelog we found that, the new version update has optimized the quick panel preview and fixes some issues related to theme colors.

Latest version 

  • Theme Park –
  • Updated Packag – 14.87 MB

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