[Download Stable APK] Samsung Internet 13.0 beta brings new features, One UI 3.0 enhancements, and more

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Samsung has now started rolling out the stable Samsung Internet Browser app on the Galaxy App Store and Play Store.

You can download it from APK Mirror.

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Samsung recently updated the Samsung Internet Beta which includes new features, an enhancement to existing features, and UI refinements. According to the official announcement, Samsung will release the stable Samsung Internet 13.0 later this year. You can check the latest addition in detail below:

One UI 3.0 enhancements

Samsung added One UI 3.0 enhancement on the Samsung Internet 13.0 beta. One of these changes is the immersive scroll. This will make non-scrollable elements like the status and navigation UI hide when you are scrolling, allowing you to focus on the content you are manipulating.

The One UI 3 also brings an expandable app bar into bookmarks, saved pages, history, downloads, ad blocker, add-ins, and settings. This expandable info provides useful information on the tap of a button.



Additionally, the company is bringing the “more menu” button down to the lower bar for better reach to sections like tab manager and downloads.

Permission Request UI

Samsung is changing the permission request UI to display a warning message if the website looks malicious. This feature will stop notifications from those sites that like to mislead their users into accepting notifications.

Double-tap to Play/Pause your videos

With Samsung Internet 13.0 beta, users can play or pause content while in video assistant fullscreen by double-tapping the center area of the screen.

Easy editing of your bookmarks

Just press the bookmark icon and you will get a toast notification to edit your bookmark on the Internet 13.0 beta.

Add-on extension API expansion

Samsung has expanded the browser extension APIs available on Samsung Internet. These are the new API modules available: WebRequest, Proxy, Cookies, Types, History, Alarms, Privacy, Notifications, Permissions, Idle, and Management.

Better User privacy in Secret Mode

There is now a better and more detailed explanation of what Secret Mode consists of. We have added this to the initial Secret Mode launch page. Samsung also added an ‘About Secret Mode’ section in the settings to make it absolutely transparent how it helps you protect your privacy.

Status bar visibility

The company is now allowing users to hide or show the status bar while viewing websites. If you enable this, the status bar disappears when scrolling up and reappear when scrolling down.


You can now use High Contrast mode when Dark mode is on. Samsung Internet now displays a Secret mode icon next to the address bar in order to make it easier to know when you are browsing in secret mode. There is a new sleek tab design that features a rounded tab shape. There is an under the hood upgrade of the web engine: version 13.0 will be based on M83.

Download Samsung Internet 13.0 beta


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