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Samsung NotiStar app fails to access detailed notification

Samsung NotiStar app is currently not providing access to the detailed location of notifications. This limitation of the app prevents users from quickly accessing the specific notification they want to view or manage.

Users are expressing frustration and disappointment, as the app’s functionality is now limited. It lets them search through multiple layers to access the specific notification they need, resulting in an inconvenience.

This Samsung NotiStar app’s failure to provide access to detailed notifications is a notable shortcoming, which should be fixed soon. Until then, users need to continue to face annoyance with the app’s limited capabilities.

To be mentioned, the issue has been acknowledged by Samsung, but the firm has not yet provided a timeline to fix it. However, users of Galaxy devices can expect to get this issue addressed with the help of a software update soon.


Samsung NotiStar is one of the popular Good Lock modules that help users to manage their notifications on the One UI running Galaxy devices. It organizes notifications into categories, offers customizable notification settings, and even allows users to choose which apps they want to see notifications from.

 Samsung NotiStar detailed notification


Samsung NotiStar app fails to access detailed notification

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