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Samsung to fix clock overlap issue with new LockStar update 

Samsung Galaxy users have been facing a frustrating clock overlap issue with their lock screens. This annoying bug has been reported by numerous users across various Galaxy models.

Samsung has acknowledged the clock overlap bug and confirmed that a software update is in the works to resolve the issue. The update aims to improve the user experience and ensure seamless functionality of the lock screen.

According to the information of @tarunvats33, a Good Lock moderator on the community assured that the consumers using LockStar and Autostar Routines together are facing a clock overlap issue on their lock screen.

The team is working on this flaw and the phenomenon will be resolved with a future Software update. Notably, Samsung has not confirmed any official release date, but we can expect the fix to arrive with the next LockStar app update.


Hence, users can expect an improved, and more seamless functioning of their Galaxy devices, especially the lock screen with the future software update. In the meantime, users can also try restarting their devices as a temporary fix.

To be mentioned, Samsung is also making its popular apps compatible with the next software iteration. The firm has released One UI 6.1.1 support to Theme Park, One Hand Operation +, and MultiStar Good Lock modules. While others will also get it in the coming weeks.

Samsung to fix clock overlap issue with new LockStar update 

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