Samsung Home Up Finder Access update 

Samsung to fix Home Up close all button issue with new update

Key Points 

  • Samsung Home Up close all button issue will be resolved with a new update.
  • Home Up is Samsung’s one of the most adored Good Lock modules.

Some users have been facing an annoying issue when using vertical and slim layouts on their Samsung devices. Yes, after turning the recommended apps display off, on the vertical and slim type, the close-all button is drawn too high, causing a bit of a glitch.

But fear not, because the good news is that this issue will be fixed with the new Home Up update. A Good Lock team moderator on the community assures that the issue is acknowledged and will be ironed out in the upcoming updates.

However, the executive didn’t reveal any exact schedule about when a fix will be released. But, this development shows Samsung’s commitment to actively listening to user feedback and working to enhance the user experience.


So, if you are facing issues with the placement of the close-all tab on your Galaxy device, then have a little patience as a fix is on the way.

Also, the quick close-all button is a handy feature, which saves users time and effort. However, having it placed correctly will definitely make navigation smoother for users.

Samsung to fix Home Up close all button issue with new update

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