Samsung Wallet app getting new 5.1.31 update

Samung Wallet release India

Last month, Samsung introduced a new application called Samsung Wallet which combines Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass adequately, its the one app solution for all your need. You can use it to store your digital IDs, tickets, credit and debit cards, gift cards, and more.


Samsung always deliver its best in the field of updates and to increase the performance of the application company keeps on sending the new version updates for their apps. Sometimes the update brings new feature or changes and some time it only brings common optimizations.

Recently, the South Korean tech giant has started shipping a new update for the Samsung Wallet app which will enhance the performance of the app by fixing some bugs and issues. Further it will bring some common improvements to the application.

Samsung Wallet app updateAccording to the information, the Samsung Wallet app comes with the version 5.1.51 and bring some general improvements for your device. It will also enhance the user experience and bring optimizations to the overall device performance. You can check the changelog of this update below.

If you do not know than let me tell you the Samsung Wallet app is currently available in only six countries including the South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US. This update is rolling out gradually. However it will take some time to reach every user.

Get Samsung Wallet App update – 5.1.31 APK

You can download this update directly from the link given. And if you do not want to wait then you can check for the update manually, so for that open the Galaxy Store, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner. After that, you will find the Updates option, tap on it. From here you will get all the available updates, you can install any of them.

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