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Samsung Wonderland App’s new update fixes several issues

Key Points 

  • Latest Samsung Wonderland App update arrived with version 1.5.16.
  • It brings improvements and fixes for bugs to optimize the experience.

We have entered in July 2024 and the Samsung Wonderland app has recently received a fresh new update. This new release promises to address several bugs and issues that users have faced and improve the user experience.

As per the details, the all-new Samsung Wonderland App update has arrived with version 1.5.16 and carries an installation package of 83.44MB.

Coming to the fixes, the latest update of the Samsung Wonderland app resolves several issues such as initialization errors during wallpaper operation on some devices, and missing settings during backup and restore via Smart Switch.

In addition, the update fixes incorrect wallpaper displays or non-functional particles in certain situations. It also improves the usability of some UIs including the incompatibility with dark mode, ensuring a more seamless user experience.


Besides these fixes and improvements, users will also encounter enhancements in app functioning and an overall smoother performance.

To take benefit of the latest enhancements, users are recommended to upgrade the Samsung Wonderland app to the latest version. You can do this via Galaxy Store or can even take the help of this link.


  • Fixed an issue where the wallpaper gets initialized during operation on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue where some settings are missing during backup/restore through Smart Switch.
  • Fixed an issue where the wallpaper is displayed incorrectly or particles do not operate in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where dark mode is not supported in some UIs.
  • Improved usability of some UIs.

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Samsung Wonderland App’s new update fixes several issues

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