Slack iPad app gets a new update with rebuild UI

iPad Slack App

Slack, the iPad app receives a new update for its users. Along with this new update, the application showcase several changes. These changes are related to the UI (User Interface) and functioning improvements. Thus making the app more efficient and productive for the users.

The new update for the Slack app on iPad, adds a pair-column view, a revamped sidebar, and an advancement to the mechanism of the internal system. Moreover, it boosts the performance as well as functioning part of the application. Let’s have a look at these features in succession:

Two-Column UI Design

One of the most notable elements, that will surely attract the attention of users is the two-column UI design. This new outlook of the screen, makes multitasking appear on one’s finger. Objects chosen from the left sidebar will exhibit on the right-hand space. This specific change not only makes the operations of a user effective but also increases productivity.

iPad Slack App

Revamped Sidebar

The improved sidebar offers various comfort benefits as well as keeps you well-organized. Here are a few optimizations that revamp the sidebar with the new update.

  • Allow to customize the groups and channels, so you can work according to your priority.
  • Synchronization becomes easy, the sidebar remains persistent while switching between devices.
  • Scanning facilities are more efficient, as the username in DMs supports avatars.
  • Channel activity gets a “Recent” tab that let you quickly know about the current news.
  • A long press on the name of channel and voila! you will be able to to access various controls of that channel. For instance, Copy link, Mute Channel, Leave Channel and much more.

Better Accessibility

The application repairs the VoiceOver tab in screen-reading which helps the users with weak eyesight. A “Recent” tab in conversation helps to find out the main chat rapidly. The size-increase feature helps the users to gradually push up the size of the Workspace Switcher as well as Sidebar for better reading ability. Meanwhile, the Workspace Switcher makes the swap easy between various app spaces.

One can know more about the application Over Here.

Via – 9to5Mac

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