Some Google Pay users in America saw their American Express card removed

Google Pay is a fast and simple way to pay online, in stores, and more. Last month, Google added 24 new banks in 23 countries and now the company adding support for 89 new financial institutions all over the states, which leads the total count of supported banks to 3,000.

Recently, Google Pay for in-store payments works with a ton of banks and credit cards, but each card can be unlinked by a financial institution if needed. Overnight, some Google Pay users using American Express cards have seen their payment methods without a single link for no apparent reason.


According to the latest information, an email sent to some American Express cardholders in the last 24 hours indicates to users that their card has been removed from Google Pay. This would be normal if it were a user-initiated action, but this is happening automatically and for no apparent reason. As for those affected, the cards were only removed from the app, not just the in-store NFC payment option.

For some users, re-inserting the card was everything to correct the situation, but some apparently participate in the effort to do so.

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