South Africa made a strong objection to WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing policies

by Mohit

Last month, WhatsApp updated its plans for users to review their “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy“. They have already encountered a lot of misinformation about this update and working hard to resolve the confusion.

In the coming weeks, WhatsApp will be displaying a banner on WhatsApp that will give users more information than they can read at their own pace. They have included more information to address and resolve the issues we have heard.

Eventually, WhatsApp will begin to remind people to review and receive these updates to continue using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has also explained what happens to users who do not agree to the new privacy policy in its frequently asked questions on the website.

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Recently, the South African information regulator opposes WhatsApp’s plans to share user data with Facebook, promising to work directly with the popular messaging app to compliance with national privacy laws.

The proposal provoked global outrage, forcing the company to delay its plans and clarify privacy and security regulations. Public confusion over WhatsApp’s future plans has grown as European Union (EU) users have announced they will not agree to share personal information with Facebook.

The IR said Facebook should hold a “round table discussion on the issues raised” to fully comply with the new rules on South African law.

However, you will not have the full functionality of WhatsApp until you agree. In a short time, you can receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send messages from the app.


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